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Georgian Tourism Association is an organisation of private Tourism Companies and Hotels in Georgia.

The association was founded in 2006 to promote the
- cooperation between the tourism companies in Georgia,
- cooperation between private and public sector
- capacity building and quality management for tourism services
- accessibility of tourism information and country marketing

- sustainable tourism development in Georgia.

Georgian Tourism Association works on Incoming, Domestic and

Outgoing Tourism Issues and Capacity Building.


GTA carries out projects to improve tourism development in Georgia

in partnership with Georgian National Tourism Administration, Agency of Protected Areas,

international Organisations (USAID/SME project, GIZ Private Sector Development project,

GIZ regional communal development project, IUCN etc.), local partners (i.e. Elkana, Geoland) and

its member companies.


Every tourism company with legal business practices is invited become a member.


why GTA?


There are many reasons to join GTA. Even if you don't agree with the approach of every other member company in the association, there will be a possibility for you to take up the issues your company faces.


GTA informs the members about tourism related events in Georgia and facilitates participation.Successful participation by interested GTA members.

GTA members are profiting from offers by Georgian National Tourism Administration to exposure visits to holiday destinations (i.e. Egypt, Baltic region and other countries of Europe ).

GTA plans to join Tourism Information Center Tbilisi to assure a good representation of tourism companies.

Lobbying & Private Public Dialogue:

GTA offers facilitation to take up political issues (i.e. Visa Issue, Tax Issues, etc.) and coordinates with public sector institutions i.e. Georgian National Tourism Administration, Agency of Protected Areas.

GTA offers to link tourism companies with Donor activities and form workgroups (i.e. linkage of activities in mountain areas).

Capacity Building & Guide Training:

GTA organizes seminars and trainings as per the need of the members (i.e. Guide Training,Training for Raftguides).

GTA plans to offer consultancy for IATA certification.

Advertisement for members:
GTA supports for participation in tourism fairs, presentation and advertisement i.e design, price reduction for advertisements in magazines newspapers, web-site consultancy, video & photo documentation




GTA is the member of UNWTO Knowledge Network, of GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), of GCCI (Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and member of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).


GTA is the member of Tourism Advisory Board in Georgia.

GTA is one of the founder of the Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition (EPAC)

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